Thinkwell Chemistry - Honors

Thinkwell Chemistry - Honors

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For Grade(s): 9 - 12

Thinkwell's Honors Chemistry is a two-semester college-level course that's accessible enough for introductory college chemistry students, but rigorous enough for science majors. It's taught by top professors from prestigious universities. Thinkwell's Chemistry has similar content to leading chemistry textbooks and the instructional videos are ideal for households where parents are not scientists!

If you're preparing for the Chemistry AP庐 test, check out Thinkwell's Chemistry compatible with AP庐, which includes diagnostic assessments geared towards AP庐 exam preparation.

Subscription includes:

  • 313 engaging 5-15 minute lesson videos
  • Detailed, 37-week lesson plan
  • Automatically graded drill-and-practice exercises with step-by-step answer feedback
  • Concise, illustrated course notes for every topic

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Thinkwell's online video courses feature engaging lessons from award-winning professors, along with automatically graded exercises and more. It's like having a world-class university professor right by your side.