Type to Learn
Type to Learn
Type To Learn Family License
Type To Learn Family License
Type To Learn Family License
Type To Learn Family License
Type To Learn Family License

Type To Learn Family License

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  • Sunburst Digital, Inc.
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For Grade(s): K - 12

Type to Learn is built upon keyboarding research and the best way students learn typing online. The scope and sequence introduces letters in the most appropriate way for young students to process what they’re learning, while the gamified activities reinforce speed and accuracy outside the instruction.

Type to Learn’s game-based typing methodology engages all learners while promoting, assessing, and recording each student’s level of mastery.

The 30 settings available for customization are more than any other typing solution on the market. Parents can create individualized learning environments for specific students, or simply let the program assess and adapt to the student’s progress automatically.


  • Fun and individualized
  • 34 lessons and five skill-targeted typing games
  • Diagnostic typing pre-test
  • Audio and adjustable font size for visually impaired students
  • Zero advertisements and no external links

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Type to Learn is not just another mind-numbing, "drill and kill" typing tutor software program. Its creators have gone to extraordinary lengths to make typing instruction fun, as well as pedagogically sound.

This subscription provides an Annual Family License for up to three students.