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Vexors Annual Subscription Single Student
Vexors Annual Subscription Single Student
Vexors Annual Subscription Single Student
Vexors Annual Subscription Single Student

Vexors Annual Subscription Single Student

  • Math
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For Grade(s): 2 - 12

A Vexor is an online, text-based, logic puzzle that promotes deductive reasoning in children with three essential elements 鈥 a story, clues, and the matching matrix - all arranged in an easy-to-use interface.

The story sets the context for the puzzle and identifies the main subjects of the puzzle. The story also makes the player aware of what characteristics or qualities of the subjects the player needs to match.

The clues are the navigational guide to solve the Vexor. The clues allow the player to eliminate choices or make decisions about the subjects to solve the Vexor using the matrix of choices.

Every Vexor enhances:

  • Reading comprehension and increased vocabulary.
  • General knowledge - every story is an opportunity to learn something new.
  • Imagination and natural curiosity to unleash a child's potential.
  • A love of learning that empowers kids with 21st-century skills.
  • Confidence to develop skills to solve complex problems.

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Help your child develop deductive reasoning and problem solving skills with Vexors logic puzzles. Vexors are designed for children to explore each puzzle and enhance their cognitive abilities as they progress higher into the levels of difficulty and complexity at their own pace and comfort.

This annual subscription provides unlimited access to 1000+ Vexors for one year. Save 40% on additional student subscriptions (up to four additional students) for only $29.99 each.