Visualize World Geography DVD
Visualize World Geography DVD
Visualize World Geography Homeschool Curriculum
Visualize World Geography Homeschool Curriculum
Visualize World Geography Homeschool Curriculum
Visualize World Geography Homeschool Curriculum
Visualize World Geography Homeschool Curriculum
Visualize World Geography Homeschool Curriculum
Visualize World Geography Homeschool Curriculum
Visualize World Geography Homeschool Curriculum

Visualize World Geography DVD Set plus Activity Book

  • History & Geography
  • Visualize World Geography LLC (FORMERLY TENDER HEART)
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For Grade(s): 1 - 12

Imagine your students being able to automatically visualize a country (bordering countries, size, shape) whenever its name is mentioned…and the CONFIDENCE they would have to engage others about world issues! Try the Visualize World Geography method!

The Visualize World Geography curriculum gives your student(s) the ability to bring up, in their mind's eye, the relative size, shape, and location of any country, whenever they hear or read its name. A student using the VWG method carries a map of the world in their head.

This Curriculum Kit features:

  • 4 DVDs that animate the VWG pictographies using brightly colored illustrations, and highly creative mnemonics. This video set describe how to associate the VWG pictographies with the name of its country. These newly produced DVDs also include the CAPITAL CITY MNEMONICS.
  • 4 DVDs of mini-documentaries describing interesting geographic facts unique to EACH country, e.g., capital city, mountains, rivers, lakes, languages, etc. while viewing actual pictures of them plus maps, satellite views, and more.
  • Activity workbook to accompany DVD videos. It includes outlines of pictographies/ countries, with assessment tools: quizzes of continent maps, fill-in-the-blank questions, atlas exercises, and continent maps with great circles and exact longitudinal/latitudinal coordinate information with grid lines for drawing practice, too.
  • Answer key included for continent quizzes, atlas exercises, and all questions about physical geography covered in DVDs.
  • Plus VWG 's Easy to follow format (start at Lesson 1, and proceed in order through Lesson 20 for each continent), makes this the most efficient and effective way to learn world geography.

View sample lessons.

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The Homeschool Buyers Club is pleased to offer savings for a two (2) year, single-family subscription to Visualize World Geography Online at deep discounts from Tender Heart Press.

Can you find Italy on a world map because it looks like a boot? Be able to find all countries as easily with the Visualize World Geography method. The VWG method replaces the outline of each country with an easily recognizable object, like Italy as a boot. By using highly effective mnemonics, or associative clues, presented in an entertaining format, your student will acquire a mental map of the entire world. In addition, your student will learn more in-depth information about EACH country, and even learn to draw the entire world from memory.

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